The Labor Compliance certification in Private Security is a mark of compliance of the services provided by security companies with the Technical Requirements Specifications of the Association of Security Companies (AES). It is awarded by AENOR – Independent International Certification Entity, based on a rigorous audit and compliance processes.

This certification shows that Strong Charon strictly complies with, respects, and promotes all legal and contractual obligations in Private Security, reinforcing its role as a reference company in the sector.

Strong Charon, a Trivalor sub-company, specializing in the provision of security and private surveillance services, is certified in Labor Compliance.

This certification of excellence is awarded by AENOR – Independent International Certification Entity. It involves a long and meticulous audit process directed towards the fulfillment of: Social and Tax Obligations; Professional qualification; Customer service; Collective Labor Contract; Labor Law and Private Security Legal Regime.

Certification in Labor Compliance takes on special preeminence with the newly approved legislation, Law 46/2019 8th July – Legal Regime for Private Security, given the introduction of the Joint Liability of Contracting Entities for private security services, provided for in Article 60B, which reads:

“The private security contracting entities are jointly liable with the contractors for the payments due to workers carrying out the agreed service as well as by the respective contribution obligations for tax and social security (…)”

Management of Strong Charon believes: “this certification assumes a decisive role in the preventive approach towards undeclared work, reinforcing Strong Charon’s position as a reference company in this sector. It should be noted that this certification only recognizes companies that are guided by the fulfillment of all legal and contractual obligations. The certification of excellence that has now been issued gives Strong Charon a seal of quality and transparency. This carries an enormous responsibility to comply and maintain the highest standards of demand in the defense and valuation of the private surveillance sector.”

We believe that our Clients are sensitive to this issue and will certainly know how to quantify the risk that results from an option for a Private Security company that does not offer effective guarantees”.

AENOR Portugal is a Portuguese company and part of the AENOR group. It was established in 2005, with the aim of providing systems and product conformity assessment services and brand training actions in the national and international market. AENOR and AENOR Portugal subscribe to the values ​​of rigor, impartiality, and technical competence applicable to conformity assessment services, helping to give them a differentiated competitive value, capable of promoting commercial exchanges and international cooperation. With a deep knowledge of the national reality, AENOR Portugal is a reference in terms of conformity assessment and provision of information on AENOR brand systems, products, standards, and publications. AENOR is a founding member of the IQNet network, the largest management system certification network in the world, comprising organizations from over 30 countries, guaranteeing the international recognition of its brands and certificates.