False intrusion alarms have a negative impact on all organisations, not only due to the unnecessary triggering of sound equipment that disturbs the neighbourhood, but above all due to the undue and unnecessary mobilisation of intervention picket services.

Aiming at complementing the intrusion detection systems already installed, STRONG CHARON offers its clients the installation of innovative intrusion detection systems using LIDAR technology. These 3D sensors significantly reduce the number of false alarms, monitoring spaces in 360 degrees, with high resolution and uninterrupted 24/7.

Learn more about this solution:

  • Continuous monitoring, in 360 degrees and in a radius of 100 meters, with vertical resolution of 128 channels, even in the most adverse weather conditions.
  • Possibility of direct integration with PTZ cameras and conventional motion detectors, adding a redundant intruder detection layer.
  • Significant decrease in the number of false alarms, based on volumetric detection in 3 dimensions (3D).
  • Remote monitoring capacity, in real time, by the Operational Control Center of STRONG CHARON.

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