The Private Security sector has been on the rise in Portugal. And, it is obvious that the quality and loyalty of its human resources is essential for sustainable growth!

Strong Charon strives to position itself in the leadership of innovation and modernity, and to stand out as the ideal company to work for, offering the best conditions to its Employees, so that in a highly professionalized environment they can acquire the best skills. We believe that our success depends on each of our Employees!

Let’s look at 6 advantages of working at Strong Charon as a security guard:

  1. Strong Charon is a company certified in Labor Compliance by AENOR.. This certificate proves that Strong Charon fulfills, respects, and scrupulously promotes all legal and contractual obligations in the Private Security area, reinforcing its role as a reference company in the sector. The certificate of excellence awarded by the independent international certification body, AENOR, results from a long and meticulous audit and a compliance process according to a demanding set of predefined requirements.
  2. To work in a market leader company. To be a security guard at Strong Charon is to have the possibility to provide services to high profile clients at national level. Strong Charon is a Portuguese company that represents the largest and most differentiating offer of private security services in the national market, with integrated solutions in the areas of: Banking, Retail, Industry, Hospitality, Transport, Health, Construction, Condominiums and Health.
  3. Use of state-of-the-art technology. Strong Charon’s vision embraces the future, and for this reason we have developed the best technological and automation platforms, supported in Partnerships with the most respected international brands. Working at Strong Charon allows the development of cutting-edge technological skills in the Private Security market in Portugal. The company encourages its employees to practice the use of new technologies in the path of digital transformation, as an element that values their functions.
  4. Career advancement opportunities. Strong Charon promotes a culture of valuing employees as a critical factor in the success of their performance. We encourage the initiative of each employee, both in the acquisition of skills and in taking on challenges of greater responsibility. We privilege internal resources in the new opportunities that arise for professional development and career development of our human capital.
  5. Access Trivalor benefits. Strong Charon is part of Trivalor. Trivalor’s mission is to provide the well-being of all its customers and users, contributing to the social, economic, and environmental development of Portuguese society. Strong Charon security guards enjoy various benefits and discounts through Ticket + card. This card is free of charge and it provides access to immediate discounts across our partner network, including travel, education, health and well-being, sports and leisure and fuel. Fitness Hut offers all our employees and family members the best conditions for the use of their gym facilities.
  6. A Long-term project. Strong Charon is a Portuguese security company with a strong market recognition and a wide reputation in the community. Based on a history of success, Strong Charon has a vision for the future in the private security market in Portugal.