Labor Compliance Certification

Strong Charon is a certified company

Strong Charon is a company certified in Labour Compliance, certifying compliance with all legal obligations before Employees and the State.

Private Security Labour Compliance Certification is a mark of conformity for services provided by security companies and in accordance with the Association of Security Companies (AES) SPECIFICATION OF TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS. SGS has validated this and designed the compliance assessment system and the audit and certification scheme for private security organisations.

With this certification, Strong Charon aims above all to:

  • Promote the fight against undeclared work;
  • Promote the differentiation of the service;
  • Promote the increase of notoriety and reputation of the sector.

We choose the safeguarding of our Clients as a top priority, especially with regard to the introduction of the Joint Liability of Contracting Entities for private security services, provided for in art. 60B of the Private Security Legal Regime – Law 46/2019 of 8 July, which corresponds to the following wording:

The entities contracting private security services are jointly and severally liable with the companies contracted for the payments due to the workers who perform the agreed service, as well as for the respective tax and social security contribution obligations.

This reinforces the importance of Good Practices in the provision of private security services, highlighting the relevance of Certification in Labor Compliance as its evidence, thus positioning Strong Charon as your best partner!