Thermal Chambers for Body Temperature Detection

A simple and quick deployment solution, adaptable to different types of areas. Thermal cameras for measuring body temperature accurately, in real time and with no physical contact. These cameras provide simultaneous readings for multiple people.

Facial Recognition System

Contactless facial recognition solution for access control without the need for a fixed station, integration in the video surveillance system and the possibility of integration with other technological tools.

Person Counting System

A person counting solution at the entrance of buildings, with online monitoring and indicative panel for comparison between occupation and available space capacity, with the possibility of counting a designated area through video analytics.

Video Analytics

Intelligent solutions that allow the management of areas with clusters of people, the enforcement of safe distancing, detection of facial masks, and the possibility of integration in existing or external video surveillance systems.

Social Distancing Monitoring System

A solution for the monitoring of the distance between users in one area, thus allowing the detection of potential risk situations arising from non-compliance with the recommended social distancing measures.