The Operational Control Center (OCC) at STRONG CHARON is equipped with the most modern and innovative technologies, in order to respond with maximum efficiency and effectiveness to all situations.

Our Control Center integrates and monitors key services for the security of facilities, people and assets, such as:

  • Reception and treatment of alarms
  • Video-checking
  • Video-probe
  • Remote access control
  • Technical security management
  • Key safekeeping
  • Data monitoring

All monitoring operations are ensured by the best professionals in the area, who permanently and in real time, in a personalized manner, anticipate all risk scenarios and ensure the best response to each one of them.

We use top-of-the-line equipment with high reliability and versatility, respecting the most demanding redundancy and cybersecurity criteria, complemented by our Proximity Mobile Units, which allow a quick intervention on site.

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